Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Eventz!

Eventz celebrated his 2nd birthday today!  I can't believe how big my boy is getting already!  Seems like we just celebrated his first birthday last week!  Since Eventz is obsessed with Lions we of course had to have a lion themed party.  And who better to invite to a lion party then a few of the boys from the Lyon room!  I figure the best way to sum up his birthday is in pics!  Enjoy!

Coloring his lion Mask! 

Papa Paul!
Blowing his party whistle Grandma brought for him!

The boys sporting their masks!
Notice my son is the only one not wearing his mask!
Baby Brother Josiah!
Teacher Mateja read the boys two lion stories!
Surprisingly, Eventz actually paid attention to the story!
And then afterwards looked through it again!
Fred blowing two whistles at once!
Mickenson enjoyed Eventz Thomas the Train!
The fuzziness of this photo helps show how much the boys loved chasing balloons around the patio!
Eventz Lion Cake I made for him!

Eventz seeing his cake I made him for the first time!

Wedly eating his cake! 
Fred enjoyed the cake!

Look at that tongue!
Mr. Manno!
Josiah slept through a lot of the party!
Our little family!
King Eventz was the first in the pool!

He LOVES the water! 

All five of these boys are ALL boy!
There were a LOT of collisions!

Ouch!  Surprisingly no one cried, even with all the collisions! 

"Brotherly" love!
Love this one of Mickenson!
Wipe out!

Boys will be boys!
Afterwards Eventz was shivering and needed a good cuddle with Mommy!

What better gift for a Lion Lover than Lion King?  We of course are watching it tonight! 
Mommy and Daddy got him Capris Sun in the DR!  
It was his first time drinking it and he LOVED it!
Fun sunglasses from Grandma! 

This looks an awful lot like his pics from last year!
Nick promised Eventz he could have steak every year for his bday!   We had to show our cook a picture on Google to show her what type of meat we wanted!  This is Nick lighting the bbq with his torch!
Eventz was too busy watching lion king to show you all how old he is!
I LOVE this little boy SO incredibly much!!  Look at his adorable birthday Shirt!
Happy Birthday to my Favorites two year old in the whole world!  Mommy loves you SO much and I love spending every day with you!  I am so proud of the boy you are growing into and love watching you grow and develop every day!  I am excited to see how this next year goes and laugh at all the little things you do everyday which never cease to amaze me!

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