Why We Blog

Or I should say why "I" blog since the only time Nick ever writes anything is when I beg him too!!  Anyway,  I originally created this blog as a way to document my travels and to be able to keep my friends and family involved on what I was experiencing when I was away.

Now that we have decided to move abroad the purpose of this blog has shifted a little.  Yes it is still a way for my Mom, Grandma, and everyone else to follow along with the adventures of Nick and Nikki, but it has become more than that, or at least I hope it has.

I blog to help tell stories.  I believe that you can't hate or ignore someone who's story you know because it creates a relationship with them.  It helps to put a face and name to a problem that seems overwhelming.  While I am in Haiti, I hope to write a lot of stories about the people I come into contact with.  I hope to spread awareness of how people live around the world.  Some of these stories will be more difficult than others to tell, but I am going to try and be as honest as I can about life in Haiti.

I also write to help encourage others.  I believe that traveling abroad can provide people, especially youth with some of the best education.  I have no idea who will stumble across my blog, but I hope that it will help encourage others to travel and help others out as much as possible.  We were not chosen to move abroad because we were "perfect people."  We feel anyone and everyone can make a difference in the world.

In addition to telling Haiti stories, this is a place for me to journal.  I have never journaled in my life, I've wanted to, but never been able to.  For some reason it almost seems easier to do it in blog form.  This is a way to help me summarize what is going on in my life and keep myself from getting burnt out.  It is also a place where I can document all the craziness in life so that I can later look through this.

Now that we have a child, I will be putting stories of him on here for his grandparents and relatives stateside to read.

Enjoy the blog...