COTP Mission

COTP is a non Denomination Christian run organization.  We take in sick and malnourished babies, or babies who we believe will be come sick with out our intervention, and give them the care they need to improve their health and development.  Once the child is healthy we try to reunite them with biological families as often as possible.  Sometimes this isn't an option and then we help facilitate an adoption.

We also have several programs to help empower families to care for their children in their home and eliminate the need for the child to be admitted to our care.  These program include the formula, prenatal, and school sponsorship programs.

COTP has on average between 40-50 infants and toddlers at any given time.  We also have about 80 Haitian staff members that work for us as nannies, cooks, laundry ladies, adoption workers, and yard workers.  Employment is a large part of our mission in addition to the babies!