Friday, October 15, 2010

The prayers of Haitian Women!!

It appears that a lot of our nannies are praying for Nick and I.  They aren’t praying that our Creole improves, that we enjoy working here, for our health or anything like that.  Well I guess they could be, but they haven’t told us about these requests.  They have a much different thing that they see Nick and I needing prayers for.

The other day I was sitting at the kitchen table working on the computer while Milouse was cleaning.  All of the sudden, completely off topic of anything we were talking about, she states “I’m praying for you and Nick to have a baby.  Lots of babies” and then starts to laugh.  Milouse is an amazing women that Nick and I respect deeply.  Apparently she has a close relationship with God, because I’m pretty sure she was the one who prayed for Jamie and Jenny to have kids, and now a few months later they have four!!!
Then today, I was hanging out under the pavilion when the nannies started telling me we needed to have kids.  I just responded by telling them that they needed to talk to Nick because I want kids but he wants to wait.  A few hours later we were pushing children on the swings when Madam Saul (the same nanny from the box post) called us both over to talk to her.  This of course made the rest of the nannies laugh as they remembered that our names are Nick and Nikki and they made fun of how similar they are even though many Haitians give their children basically the same name.
Madam Saul started telling Nick that we needed to have kids right away and all the other nannies started joining in as well.  They went off on a tangent about how every couple who has worked here now has kids, whether adopted or biological and we need to have kids soon.  They were not very happy when he told them we would have them some other day.  Apparently Nick was in the baby house a few days ago and all the nannies were asking him the same questions.  
I think that they must have all gotten together and talked about the fact that we don’t have kids and decided that they must bring this to our attention because obviously we have been too busy to notice.  I mean based on Haitian standards we are extremely far behind.  Nick is 24 and I’m 21, which means we should have 2, 3, or even 4 kids by now.  The fact that not only do we not have any, but aren’t planning on it in the near future is unheard of to these ladies!
Maybe their prayers will be answered soon though, if we can all just convince Nick!!!  Just kidding!!

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  1. It has been a while since I have gotten to look at your site. I love the stories about the nannies. Watch out, they love to pray for you to have kids and God likes to listen to them. I also loved Mme Saul in a box. It is clear by your stories and pics that they love you guys. I'm glad that you guys have that relationship with them!