Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Festivities

Yesterday Nick and I invited several of our friends and their kids over for a "Halloween/Fall Party!"  It was a great way to gather, get to know other missionaries in the area, relax, and talk about how God us blessing each of our missions!  And of course there was a Haitian Hayride and lots of Pumpkin Treats!

Testing out the Haitian Hayride before the guests arrive!

Who else did you think would drive the Tractor?

The Pumpkin Cake the boys and I made for the Party!

All the Kids enjoyed the Playground!

Chante and I had to dig deep into our creative side for these.  I don't think she had to dig nearly as deep as I did!

Woody and Buzz Light Year

Eventz and some of his Friends!

Nick and I have loved watching this Beautiful Princess Grow up!

One of the First babies to Stay with Nick and I!  Love this girl!
A Hawaiian Version of Wedly!
Chante with the cutest Puppy and Princess on the Hayride!

Jillian with Dalencia, Laughina, and two of our Princesses!

Tabitha and Ally with their Pumpkin named Biverly!

Shelia and Buzz!

Me and My favorite Farmer!

Finally, I got that STUPID hat off!

Daddy with his two favorite boys!

Everyone enjoyed the day!


  1. Hey, thats not a stupid hat, I got that hat for him. I think he looks pretty cute in it. Where did he get the carharts? He looks adorable.