Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Lone Star State

Wow... Texas is like traveling to a different country. Everyone there is so proud to be Texan; they have their state flag EVERY where. It was crazy.

We had free plane tickets so we decided to go to Texas and check out the worlds coolest water park. Although we had a lot of fun there, Nick and I both agree that this is by no means the worlds coolest. The ones that I went to in Hawaii and Palm Springs were better. I would even venture to say that the one in good ol' F.W. (Federal Way) is better. All the slides required a tube to go down; there weren't any that you just went down on your back. The coolest thing there was the surfing place. They had very high power water shot out at you which resembled a wave and you had to try and boogie board. This was actually pretty hard but it was fun to watch other people completely wipe out!! Nick and I did half way decent on it. He was able to get up on his knees for a bit, and I stayed in front of the wave and didn't crash until I tried to get up on my knees. Many people crashed instantly!

We drove to Austin and Kayaked in Lady Bug Lake. Between the two of us we saw 7 turtles in there, and they were pretty good size! We also drove to Fredricksberg, a small German town in the hill country. Our favorite part was probably the day we spent in Corpus Christi which is right on the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf was like bath water and I could have stayed in it all day!! Nick could have too, until a fish touched his leg and he freaked out and decided he was done with the water!! We checked out the houses on Padre Island which were pretty big! San Antonio was fun. We did the Riverwalk, which was pretty, but definitely a tourist trap. We also looked at the Alamo. This was cool, but after seeing amazing architecture in Europe, I was a little unimpressed!

We camped for free at a Thousand Trails Resort (thanks Grandma). There was so much wild life here. One morning there were 42 deer in our campsite, which would come eat breakfast with you off of your table! There must have been 200-300 deer there total though. There were jack Rabbits that were huge. They came up to about my knee. One morning there were 17 vultures digging through the trash. Nick came out of the tent and two were right over his head and kind of freaked him out!

Overall, we had a ton of fun and it was nice to get to spend time with him before I leave. Even though we loved Texas, I have absolutely no desire to move there, which will make my Mom very happy to hear!! Texas is extremely ugly, and really makes me appreciate Bellingham and how gorgeous it is here!!

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