Thursday, February 18, 2010

How are we feeling?

Our time spent in Haiti was great because it allowed us to get a good sense of what we will be doing when we move there! Nick and I loved COTP, the staff, the children, and the atmosphere there. It is often hectic and you never know what to expect, but we love that!

We are now more confident than ever that this is where we are supposed to be! There are definitely needs there that we will be able to fill which is awesome! We felt safe the entire time and can't wait to go back. We are counting down the days until we get to leave! We showed our apartment a few days ago to two girls that seemed very interested. If we are able to sublease our apartment we can leave in July rather than September. We haven't heard back from the girls, but are hoping that something will work out! Either way we know it will all come together as it is supposed to!

I have caught back up on homework which is a great feeling! It only took me 2 days to get caught up, except for one paper that I struggled to get into, which took almost 1.5 weeks to write. Only 12 more weeks of class and I'll be graduating! It doesn't seem real but I am excited to be done!

Nick got pretty sick after we came back and actually had to go to the doctors. After some tests we found out that he had some sort of bacteria that came from undercooked chicken. We weren't sure why he got sick and not me, until I finally realized where he got it. Remember the story about the sketch bus ride from Haiti to the DR? Well they gave us lunch and I advised Nick that he shouldn't eat the chicken since we didn't know how it was prepared. He had a few small bites of it anyways. We can't prove that this is where he got it, but I can guarantee you we wont eat the food on that bus again! Nick is feeling better and completely healed now by the way!!

Many people have asked me how Haiti compares to Kenya where I was for a month last summer. Let me just start out by saying that things were so hectic in Haiti that I never really had a chance to go out into the community and experience the culture. That being said, there are a few things I noticed.

First, there isn't nearly as much commerce in Haiti as there is in Kenya. Even in rural parts of Kenya you will find little markets with people selling produce, second hand clothes, etc. I didn't see nearly as much of this in Haiti. There was a lot going on in Cap, but I didn't see much on the drive to and from the boarder. The second thing is that the houses and buildings are way different. In Kenya a lot of them are made out of mud, which to me is very cute. In Haiti everything is made out of cement, which to me appears way rougher and not as neat to look at.

I went to a few slums in Kenya, including Kibera (second largest slum in all of the world). Here the living conditions are horrible. I haven't had a chance to go to slums in Haiti, but it will be interesting to see how they compare. After I have return and have a chance to experience the people and culture in Haiti I will do a similar post that goes more in depth on this!

Since returning home I have been busy making posters and different activities for center time to take for the preschool. I figure it's cheaper to make it than to buy this stuff! If anyone has any good ideas of different age appropriate crafts let me know!

Jamie emailed me yesterday and said that Christine, my little princess, is doing great! She is in the Bato room and he said that she loves it! I was very glad to hear this. Many kids have gone to their adoptive families since we have left which is awesome! I think around 30 in all have left and they still have a few more that they are expecting to get out! This is amazing! They currently have to baby boys with hydrochepulus who received surgery this last week in Milot, a hospital near COTP. This is a life saving surgery which is awesome! Our friend Sarah Stuart is there now and has been keeping a blog, so you can read it for more updates on what has been happening since we left.!

Thanks for everyone who helped make that trip possible and for those who prayed for us! We really appreciate it!!

Counting down the days,

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