Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Made it home!

Hey all,

After 3 days of traveling, we finally made it back to Bellingham last night around 1:30am. We thought we would crawl into bed and go right to sleep, but Theo, our cat had other plans! He was so excited to see us that he would give us kisses all over our face about every 30mins or so! He is huge, he grew so much while we were gone!

Anyway,our flights were pretty good, a little bumpy because of the storms, but not to bad.

Pictures are coming soon! COTP asks that all pictures be password protected. Unfortunatly I have not found a way to protect them on Blogger, so I have created a different website with the pics and videos and will link it here. Still not a 100% positive what the best way to do it is, but I'll figure it out! Check back soon!


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