Thursday, March 3, 2011

Intern Wanted

Have you ever wanted to spend some time volunteering abroad?

COTP is looking to find an intern to come down to Haiti for 2-3 months and teach Renel, one of our employees, how to use a computer.  Renel is fluent in English, so there will not be a language barrier.  Renel is extremely hard working and loves to learn.  He has expressed a desire to learn how to use a computer for several months now.  Renel is in charge of our prenatal and school sponsorship programs.  He also teaches Creole classes to new long term staff that moves down.

Teaching Renel to use a computer will not only empower him, but hopefully his two children as he is very involved in their education and will likely pass on this skill.  If Renel can use a computer, it would also prevent long term staff at COTP from being the middle man between Renel and our staff stateside.  Using a computer will help Renel keep better filing and improve both of the programs that he works with.  For instance, he could track the growth of the women in our prenatal program better and be able to give them more individualized advice to ensure that they have a healthy pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby!

The person for this position would need to teach Renel how to type, use word/excel, and possibly the basics of the internet.  In addition they would help Renel set up data bases which will help improve both the school sponsorship and prenatal programs.  Renel is a smart guy and catches on quick.

We are very open and flexible for this position; the start and end dates can be set by the person filling the position.  We would expect the person to work several hours each week with Renel to help improve his skills.  The person can be involved in other programs here as well, but this will be their main priority.

If you would like more information on what we are looking for or the requirements for volunteering at COTP, please feel free to email our volunteer coordinator at

Feel free to pass this on to anyone who you feel would be interested in filling this position!


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  1. Good luck finding a suitable person for the job!