Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sewing Project

Hey all,

We have a sewing project that we would love to have a group volunteer to do for us.  Our numbers have been rising for a while, so this week we had to open our lion room to house our older children.  There are three windows in this room that all need curtains.  Currently the nannies have make shift currents made which are random blankets they have hung up to give them privacy.  We would also like to have curtains made for our Bumble Bee and Butterfly (special needs) Rooms.  For all three rooms there are a total of 11 windows

We asked a local man who has done sewing projects for us in the past to come and give us a quote for these three rooms, and it was several hundred dollars.  I originally said that it was to much assuming that I could get these way cheaper by buying curtains online.  The problem is that every window and door in Haiti are all custom made.  Seriously, each door in our apartment is a completely different size.  Anyways, the windows are way different sizes than anything I could find online and it would have still been extremely expensive.

Here are some pictures of our lion and bumble bee rooms.  We are hoping that the group that decides to take on this challenge will be able to find materials that either match the theme or are a similar color to the paint in the rooms.  I did not take any pictures of the Butterfly Room yet as there is no mural painted on it so there is no theme to match. (If anyone is looking for a different project, that room could always use a make over as well as murals/painting else where.  Just a thought!!)

Lion Room

Bumble Bee Room

If you or your sewing group would be interested in one or all three of these rooms, please contact us at and I can give you the exact measurements for each window.  As I said, each one is different!  TIH!!

Thanks in advance, we appreciate all the help!!


  1. I'm on it. Gonna ask the sewing group who made the quilts. I'll keep you posted. :-)