Thursday, April 28, 2011

Life long Learning

Written by Nick Stolberg
When the question is asked to us by new, and upcoming people moving to Haiti, How do I prepare?  Our answer is simply live your life.  I honestly believe that everything I have learned and experienced so far in life has all played a role in who I am today. 

Nikki and I moved to Haiti to work at an Infant Care Center.  I was to be the Maintenance person, and Nikki was going to work with the kids.  The Directors at that time had committed to 5 years, and there were other people here with lots of experience as well.  We never imagined that we would ever become the Field Directors.  During the time that we waited to move to Children of the Promise, and the first 9 months of our time here, God called all but one of the other staff here to other areas. 

After 9 months of living and serving at Children of the Promise in Haiti Nikki and I found ourselves as the Field Directors of COTP.  The responsibilities are too many to name, and the work is too much to fathom.  The potential is as great as the God we serve.  The miraculous change that we are able to witness daily is constantly humbling. 

I find myself flying from day to day, hoping to make it though, without too many problems, and a small amount of progress.  I spend a significant amount of time communicating with everyone, but yet can never communicate enough.  In my first month of being a director I have A LOT more failures to report than successes.  I find it much easier to learn doing things the wrong way than the right way. 

My day is spent on a computer or in a truck rather than holding a baby.  Spending two hours standing in line at the bank, waiting in traffic for what can seem like forever, waiting at the airport for the never on time flights, or the amazingly slow customs agents is what fills up my time.  My jobs here are so unique, challenging, and occasionally so seemingly unimportant. 

One of the neatest parts of our work in Haiti is the ability to meet so many amazing people.  COTP continues to not only grow, but THRIVE because of its solid reputation for only accepting the highest of standards.  We have become an oasis in rural Lagossette because of the blessings that continue to be poured on us.  COTP as an organization has been able to continue poring the blessings onto Haiti as well.  There are lots of different types of houses in Lagossette and the surrounding villages, ranging from bamboo hut, to concrete with doors.  Right now there are 6 concrete houses being built buy our employees in Lagossette alone.  COTP has been an amazing place for hundreds of babies over the last 11 years, but it has been an absolutely unforgettable blessing to thousands of Haitians, as the money that our employees earn, though good and hard work is put into the economy in our village and surrounding areas.

Seeing the changes in the babies, and the lives of our employees is where we are able to find our strength to live here and make it through the day.  Thank you to everyone who has been with us since the beginning of our journey to Haiti.  11 months ago I quite my Job, we put everything we own into boxes and Moved to Haiti.  This has been the hardest and best year of my life.  I miss family so much, I miss going to church, and the fellowship of friends.  I miss leaving work on Friday at 4, and not having to even think about it until Monday morning.  I miss not having any responsibilities.  At the same time, as I look ahead to the next year I am so excited about the challenges that we will face and the work that lies ahead, because I know that we are walking hand in hand with God.  I know that this is where God has called my wife and I to live.  There will be very hard long days, but there will also be an abundance of Joy as we are able to fulfill Gods promise of care to the infants of Haiti.  I am honored that God has chosen us to fill the position as field directors, and I will strive to do my best for Him every day.

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  1. Wow Nick, you know how to express yourself so well. Just remember, your blessings are not only in Haiti, but in Heaven as well, for the great work you are doing for the Lord. We are so proud of you and Nikki, even though we miss you all soooo much. It took me along time to let go and let God do what his desires are for the both of you, only because I was being selfish and didn't want the both of you to go. Keep on keeping on for the Lord. You will have many treasures in Heaven.