Monday, April 25, 2011

No Easter Bunny

Earlier this week I googled "Easter Crafts" so that I could find something to do with our kids.  I am not creative at all and always google things to find ideas for craft time at preschool.  Anyways I kept scrolling down and noticed something that kind of made me sad.  On the entire page of Google, which is huge, all I saw for Easter Crafts were easter bunnies, eggs, and chickens.  There was not one cross, tomb, or religious symbol on there at all.  I had to specify that I wanted a religious craft, and even then, there was more bunnies and eggs then their were religious stuff.

What has this holiday become?

It's the exact opposite here.  Nobodies heard of bunnies, but they celebrate the death and resurection of Christ instead.  On good Friday we were driving into town and saw a whole procession of people walking down the street dressed in all white (or at least white shirts).  There were at least 2000 people all walking together in a line.  At the front was a man carrying a cross.  Along the way several people had set up little booths in front of their home made of white sheets and plastic flowers where people could take communion.  There was often a picture of Jesus in these little areas.  Palm branches lined the street and were often put all over walls.  It was really cool to see the difference compaired to what we see in the States.  

Going down the Easter Aisle in the States would be over whelmed with candy, baskets, dying kits, etc.  It makes me kind of sad to see how far this has come.

Today we went to a sunrise church service with a bunch of other missionaries from the area.  We had to get up at 4:30 to be there on time.  Afterwards we enjoyed a breakfast potluck.  Eventz looked sharp in his little suit!  He looked all grown up and adorable.  This afternoon we will be having a turkey and a few of the fixings here.

Happy Easter,
Bon Fet Pak!


  1. Next year when you want crafts, just let me know. Oriental Trading has LOADS of real Easter stuff.

    BTW - the handprint flowerpot is the most precious thing ever. Thanks for taking the time to have the kids make these. I'm going to hang it on the wall.

  2. This is so sadly true for celebrating Easter. When Lisa and I were little, my mom wouldn't give us easter baskets, because she didn't want us to think that was what was important about Easter. But she would make us a basket of goodies for us on May Day. Isn't she is a smart mom???