Friday, August 19, 2011

COTP Diaper Drive

COTP is in need of Diapers. We currently has 52 Children who live with us.  Lets say that each child gets changed approximately 6 times a day.  That means that we go through...

~312 diapers a day
~2184 diapers a week
~113,568 diapers a year

We can estimate that each diaper cost nearly 15 cents a piece.  With these statistics that means we pay...

~$46.80 per day
~$327.60 per month
~$17, 035.20 per year

COTP is looking to find 30 people who are each willing to purchase one box of diapers a month and send them to us to help off set these numbers.

When I first moved to Haiti I was really hesitant to ask to have things shipped in.  My philosophy was that it is way better to buy as much supplies here to help support the Haitian economy.  I still fully believe in this, however, not when it comes to diapers.  Size 3's & 4's are nearly impossible to find here.  We are able to buy 1's & 2's, however they are almost the same cost as buying name brand diapers in the States, and they are horrible quality.

It's not uncommon to have an entire pack of Haitian diapers that only have one of the two velcro straps on them.  Our nannies are great sports and it's not uncommon to see our kids walking and crawling around with their diapers tied on the sides as a way to not waste our supplies.  Eventz used Haitian diapers for several months when he first moved in with us.  If I didn't change him at least once an hour, he would leak through his clothes.  For the baby house these means that there are multiple kids who are crawling in the same area as children with wet diapers.  It's nearly impossible for our nannies to keep up when they use Haitian diapers and we aren't able to provide the sterile environment we would like for our children.  Since they go through diapers quicker, it essentially means we are paying more for diapers than we would if we purchased them in the States.

Can you tell I'm not a fan of Haitian diapers?

And for those interested, yes we do use cloth diapers on our 3 oldest rooms, however we feel it's best to use disposables for the younger children.  We also use disposables in the older rooms if the children have diarrhea.  We use newborns to size 4's.

So once again, heres the goal...  30 people, each buying one box of diapers a month and sending them to COTP.  Your money goes straight to the babies.

The best way to do this is to purchase them on which provides free shipping to Florida.  Each week a mission called Agape Flights delivers our mail to us which Nick picks up and brings to our compound.  I then do an inventory of what was sent and Jenn organizes it all in the Depot to hand out directly to the children.

If you are interested please sign up on and send us a box of diapers.  If you click the "Subscribe and Save" button and signup for Amazon Moms, you get an instant 30% off.

We currently have 8 people signed up to donate.  We are almost 30% to our goal.  Please help us reach this goal.  Email Nick and I at and we will assign you a certain size.  Let us know if you have any questions!  And please don't hesitate to email us if you have any questions.

Our shipping address is

Bud and Jan Bonnema
Agape Flights  CAP--11952
100 Airport Ave
Venice, FL 34285

Thank you so much for helping us take care of these precious little gifts!


  1. Are any of those pictures on your blog of ester? So sorry to hear about the lose of Luc. What a sad story. We will pray for his family.
    Love and miss you all.


  2. Nikki,
    Thanks for including us in ways to donate! The pictures are so cute. So fun to recognize some of those sweet faces. Hope all is well and we are thankful Haiti escaped Irene. Love, Lisa