Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Through the worst of it!

Well it appears that we are already through the worst of Hurricane Irene and it really wasn't bad at all.  Nick and I were in the middle of Hurricane Gustav when it hit Jamaica on our honey moon a few years ago, and so we were expecting it to be similar to that.

This hurricane was originally supposed to hit us directly, but thankfully ended up shifting north and basically missing all of Northern Haiti!  The shift must have been from Nick checking the weather channels website every 20 mins for the past 24 hours! (JK)  I woke up twice last night and had to yell at him to get back in bed and get off the computer.

We did have heavy wind storms off and on and a bit of rain, but nothing to bad.  We will likely still see more of this for a few days.

Although it wasn't as bad as we were expecting it might be, it still would have been miserable for those living in leaking houses.

Thanks for your prayers!

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