Friday, September 2, 2011

Baby Goats and Kittens

I know I said I would update you when the goats were born but I'm a few weeks late! Theres been a lot going on lately.

Nicks goat gave birth to two adorable babies, one is black and the other is brownish gray. Here are some pictures of the houlagins with when they are two days old!

We also got a baby kitten.  I was in the office at 6 one morning trying to get some work done before the kids woke up. Nick was walking over there but first got interrupted by a few nannies. He talked to them briefly, then sighed, and yelled at me to come over. My heart dropped. I assumed something was wrong.  I asked him what he needed and he informed me he had a kitten for me!  Not quite what I expected.

I'm not sure how our nannies found out, but apparently there was a lady walking in front of our gate with a kitten for sale, and they decided to see if Nick wanted one! Of course we did.

We went outside the gate and there was a lady standing there holding a rice bag over her shoulder. I asked if she had a cat and she opened the bag for me to see. This is the common way to carry kittens in Haiti! This system is almost as good as craigslist, right!?!

I named him Zo which is short for Zoranje, which means orange! I'm super creative I know! The boys absolutely love him. They call him Bo, Go, Do, and pretty much anything but Zo. They often walk around the house calling his name until they find him and then excitedly say "hi Bo!" They even say "come here Go" and "love you Do!" It's pretty cute.

Eventz loves to carry Zo all over the place and isn't super gentle about it. Zo takes the abuse like a champ!  He's a great cat and sleeps with us every night. He loves attention.

When I first got him I was worried about how to raise a cat in Haiti. I mean there aren't any grocery stores with an aisle of various cat food choices. You could search all of Northern Haiti and not find any cat food. I also wasn't sure how I would get him fixed. We know of a few "Veterinarians" but I don't trust any of them to actually know anything about animals.

But so far it's been working out great. Luckily for Zo, not so lucky for my stress levels (JK), Eventz has been deciding to be picky lately and not finishing all of his meals, so Zo often gets left overs. He also gets his fair share of protein by eating all the bugs in the house. Each morning I see him in the corners eating bugs. Last night he ate a giant grass hopper that was in my living room. Who needs fancy kitty chow when you have a ton of bugs crawling around!!

And our friends told us they know of a reliable vet who will be able to fix the cat so he doesn't spray all over the house! They also mentioned that their dog died when they took him there, but seemed fairly confident in his skills! As long as they don't hold any grudges against him, I guess we'll try him out!

Still no baby bunnies. Based on what I've always heard, I would assume we would be up from 5 to about 20 by now, but we are still stuck at 5!

More animal updates later I'm sure!

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  1. Nikki, those kids(goats) are so adorable. Ha ha, and so are the others in the pictures, meaning you, nick and the boys. Thanks for sharing those cute picutes with us. Keep them coming. I look at them over and over again and have to show them to everyone that comes over.