Saturday, September 24, 2011

The little Dezoid!

I love when short term volunteers tell me...

-It's so cute that Eventz goes to work with you (this happens often when you live at work)

-He's so serious

-He always just sits on your hip and goes where ever you go!

-He's so well behaved

-He's so mellow

The nannies on the other hand have different ways of describing Eventz.  They call him a dezoid (trouble maker).

Both groups say these things because they don't see both sides of Mr E.  When we are down stairs, his personality is totally different.  He doesn't talk.  He's quite, and fairly well behaved, unless in the baby house that is!  But than we go upstairs and...

When he gets tired of Mommy waiting for dinner to cool, he finds it himself!

Or he sits on the inside of the gate we had built to specifically to keep him off the stairs!

Eventz likes to sit and stand on top of his table!

He also enjoys standing on the couch writing in Daddy's notebook!

Or the challenge of finding ways to play with toys that are put up out of reach!

But amongst the orneriness, there are also other things people don't see!

Like how cute he is when he runs around wearing Daddy's clothes!

Or the look he gives me when he's playing with something he shouldn't be!

And the times when he decides it's much better to take naps with Daddy than by himself!

The kid's got so much energy.  He literally RUNS around our house all day.  Nick and I often just stare at him.  We can't keep up!  He's adventurous and into everything.  If he's not supposed to play with it, he will!  He has a mind of his own!  Boy oh boy do we have our work cut out for us!

We are so blessed to have this little boy and be able to watch him grow and develop!  He truly is by far the best part of our lives!

And yes, after taking each of these pics, I did scold him for crawling on top of things!

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  1. Nikki, you cant scold him. Grandmas little boy can do anything wrong. As gran would say, "Nikki, your just payin for your raisin." So there you have it. Enjoy the fun times.