Thursday, November 24, 2011

You know you've been in Haiti too long when...

A wise man, aka my neighbor and fellow missionary, once told me a good joke.

"When a person comes to Haiti short term, they'll find a bug in their food and throw their meal away.  After you've been here a year or so, you scoop the bug out and go on with your meal as if it's no big deal at all.  However, once you've been here a significant amount of time, you take that bug out of you meal, grab it by the neck, and tell it to spit your food back out!"

Well I'm somewhere between the second and third one!  Prior to moving to Haiti, if a bug even landed on my food briefly, I'd hand it to Nick and find something else to eat.  Oh how my life has changed!

Someone recently sent us down a box mix to make cinnamon rolls, and you can only imagine what a treat this is for us!  We had a few sitting on the table wrapped in foil and I went to move them to the fridge when I noticed the top was covered in ants.

Oh NO!

I quickly ripped the foil off only to find that a handful had already made it inside.  The old me would have thrown the whole bundle in the garbage, but not any more.  Those are precious treats now.

I carefully plucked each ant I found off and threw them on the floor, and while doing so made the comment to Nick that "It's not like they don't carry any bad diseases or anything!"  Nick got quite a kick out of this and told me I've been here to long!  I guess so!

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  1. I dont live in Haiti but we do have ants in the summer. A great way to get them out of the food is to set the food in the sun. The package heats up and the ants leave. Not sure what else would attack the food while it is sitting in the sun though. :)