Saturday, December 3, 2011

Adopting an HIV+ child

Earlier this week was World AIDS Day. As always, I seem to miss it every year and have to post about it afterwards. I always struggle to know what to say. 

Here at COTP we have four HIV+ positive children. All four were given this disease at birth. There are so many stigmas out there which lead us to believe that those who have HIV or AIDS did something wrong, that they are dirty people who sleep around or do drugs. This myth is not the truth. Our kids did nothing wrong, and likely their mothers did nothing wrong either. Most of them contracted this through their spouses.  But yet they are still faced with this disease every day.

Our kids are incredibly lucky to be receiving ARVs which will help them maintain their health. Twice a day they take a whole cocktail of medicines. Many people around the world don't have the opportunity to receive these meds. Our kids our blessed.

All four of our HIV+ kids are up for adoption. Two have been matched with adoptive families, two have not. One of these kids was here last year when I posted on World AIDS day asking everyone to consider adopting one or more of our beautiful HIV+ children. Today he is still waiting. Waiting for someone to love him. Someone to make him feel special. He's an incredibly handsome smart young man. He's all boy and loves to play. Pool day is one of his favorites. He loves to go to school and laughs the entire time he play on the play ground. He loves to learn. He loves to smile. He loves kisses and hugs. And he desires to be loved.

Please, please don't make this little boy wait another year without knowing there's someone out there who loves him. If you or someone you know is thinking about adoption, I ask that you pray about and consider adopting one of our HIV+ positive children. For more information please contact Robin, our adoption coordinator at

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