Thursday, December 22, 2011

Prayers for Gup.

Theres another Missionary that lives on the other side of Haiti that I try to stay in contact with from time to time.  She is in a similar situation to Nick and I, where she's caring for the child that she hopes to adopt, however doesn't meet the Haitian Requirements, and therefore is a few years away from making her child legally hers.

We know several people in Haiti who are doing the same thing as us.  Most call us crazy, but we all know that we wouldn't have it any other way.  Its a huge risk to do this.  It's a huge sacrifice.  Our lives are somewhat on hold for years, never knowing what could happen or when it'll be over.  Most of us choose not to talk about all the potential things that could go wrong.  We choose not to talk about the adoption process.  Instead, we wait on God and pray daily that it will all work out the way WE want it to.

However right now Rhyan could use your prayers.  She has been caring for Gup for over a year now.  He has been her baby, her first son, her life.  But right now, she's not sure that she will be the one who gets to watch him grow up.  His biological mother has asked to take him back.

Of course, this is amazingly wonderful and amazingly awful all at the same time!  I am a huge advocate for reuniting kids to parents IF it's in the childs best interest.  Sometimes it's obvious one way or the other. Some times it's harder to tell.  All I know is that this is going to be incredibly difficult for Rhyan, Gup, and Gups biological Mother.  Please pray that God's will is done and that Gup grows up to be an amazing young man who is showered in love by two Mamas!

Please pray that Nick and I will never have to go through this with Eventz and pray for all of our friends who are also trying to adopt while living in Haiti.  Please pray for Rhyan during this incredibly difficult time in her life.  And finally, please pray for all of the biological families of these kids who have had to make the most difficult decision I can ever imagine in order to do what they feel is in the best interest of their child.


  1. Heartache all around. There is no adoption without so much pain. Will be praying for Rhyan, Gup and Gup's biological mother.

  2. Painful ... prayers for all in the adoption triangle.

    Hoping you guys get some down time to celebrate each other and the New Year ... thanks for all you do for the precious children at COTP.