Thursday, December 8, 2011


Mud in the Puddle!

Mud on the Shoe.

Mud on the Socks.

Mud on You!

Mud on your hands.

Mud on your toes!

 Mud on your Checks

Mud on your nose!

Mud, Mud, Everywhere!

Mud on your elbows.

 Mud in your hair.

 Mud on your chin!

 Mud on your ear!

 Mud over there!

 Mud over here.

Mud in the puddle.

Mud in the air.

Mud, Mud, everywhere!



  1. What I want to know is....who was watching these boys as they were getting in the mud. Good thing it wasn't grandma Kia or my name would have been Please send me these pictures somehow, or send them to costco so I can get copies of these. Also I would love to have the pictures of Eventz dressed up as a farmer.

  2. hahaha these are hilarious! You could write a children's book called Mud! and Eventz could be the star :D