Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First World Problems

You would think that after living in Haiti for the past 19 months we would be used to living a simple life. Used to sacrificing and going with out many things that were once considered critical items in our life.  And although we have gotten used to many things, there are still a few things I haven't learned to go with out.

We were blessed when we we installed our solar panels to also be able to install a solar hot water heater as well!  Over the past several months it has worked amazing and has allowed us to  have virtually endless hot water for free!  That is, it worked great until this week!!  You see, one key element to a Solar hot water heater is the solar element.  When theres no sun out for a few days (or a week in this case) theres no way to heat up the water.

Lets just say I've been a little extra stinky this week, and the few times I have decided I couldn't stand it any longer and needed to shower, I froze.  The last thing I have wanted on the coldest days of the year is to take a freezing cold shower!

The fact that this is a problem for me, shows just how spoiled I am.

None of our other missionary friends ever have hot water and have to take cold showers everyday.  Here I am complaining about a week of cold showers, when I really have it made.  Not one of our nearly 100 employees or a single person from our community even has running water, let alone hot water.  They all have to go to the local well and hand pump their water to carry home for cooking, cleaning and showering.

Boy am I a baby!

Theres a great youtube clip that makes Nick and I laugh every time we hear it.  It's called first world problems.  It's cheesy, but really makes you think.  Each day we are faced with so many problems, and then once we stop and think about it, we realize that these problems are really blessings!  Check out the video and leave a comment to let me know what you think!

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  1. Every single time we come home from Haiti, we realize how spoiled and fortunate we are here in the USA. We dont even know how good we have it, or are we appreciative of it.