Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wedly's 3!

Last weekend Wedly, the little boy who has been living with Nick and I for the past 9 months, turned 3!  We decided to have a bug themed (caterpillar actually) party for him!  He invited up 3 of his friends and they celebrated by coloring their very own caterpillar and reading the very hungry caterpillar book.  They also played some basketball, ate a caterpillar cake, and of course, had a very fun pool day!  These boys are full of energy and a lot of fun!  Here are some pictures from his birthday party!!

Josiah insisted on wearing his caterpillar shirt!

Listening to the story intently!

Fred enjoyed the story!

And so did Josiah!

Apparently Eventz thought it was funny!

Wedly's caterpillar cake!

Wedly's favorite part of pool day is being in charge of the hose!

Cheeto break!

Cheeto break #2!

Double fisting it!

Wedly's adoption is nearing an end.  Please continue to pray that all of his paperwork is finished quickly and he can go home to be with his family soon!

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  1. Happy birthday Wedly. Hope you had a good day. Hope Paul and I get to see you soon when you get to come to live with your forever family.