Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cell phone suicide

Lately I have been having a difficult time with my cell phone. About three weeks ago, the phone that I have been using for the past 2 years (phone A) decided not to take a charge. One day it was working fine and the next day it stopped. I tried everything, and could not get it to work. Not thinking it was a big deal, I moved on to cell phone B, the phone that I had used for 3 years in high school. This phone was missing a button and was on it's last leg, but I figured it would last the 50 some days until I left. However I was wrong. About a week and a half after switching to that phone, it also decided to quit taking a charge. I tried the wall charger, plugging it into the computer, turning it on and off, taking the battery out, etc. But nothing worked. It has a different charger than the first one so thats not the issue, plus Nicks phone uses the same one as phone B and it works fine for him.

Now I am down to two choices. There is cell phone C which is Nicks old phone. This phone recognizes my sim card enough to allow calls to come in and out, but not enough to read my address book. Therefore any time someone calls or texts me, I have to guess who it is. Everyone comes in as an unknown number. This phone also doesn't have a hang up button, so I am dependent on the person I am talking to to end the call. This becomes more interesting when I call someone and get their voicemail because I just have to leave a long awkward message until their voicemail cuts me off. So if you have gotten any of these from me recently, that is why!!

Then there is cell phone D, which is a $19.99 pay as you go phone that Nick had for a few weeks when he was in between phones. The buttons on this one are horrible and it's impossible to use. No matter how low you change the volume on this thing, its so loud that it kills your ear and you have to hold it a few inches away from your head. When Nick had this phone he used a head set and we would make fun of him because he looked like an air traffic controller (remember this Sigma friends??). This battery only last about 3/4 ths of the day and then is completely dead.

The good news is that we almost got rid of all these phones a few weeks ago, and so in that case I would have been completely without a phone. I only have to make this one last for another 46 days though and then I won't have to worry about a cell phone for a long time!! Yay!!


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