Friday, April 30, 2010

The end... or the beginning

After working for the City of Lynden for the last two and a half years I am now entering my last month; I only have 22 more days of work left. Once every 5 weeks I have to go into work at 3am, and this morning was my last time ever. I was originally scheduled for this shift again on June 4th, however my last day of work is the 3rd! Guess I planned that right! I honestly wont miss this shift. Although the next time I wake up at 3 am it will probably be for a screaming baby that needs a diaper change!

We have 45 more days left in the states which means we are busy completing all the random tasks that go along with moving out of the country; such as changing our address on all pay roll, credit cards, and several other documents. Two months ago Nikki and I created our "to-do list." Many of the chores on here weren't things we could complete until closer to the time we leave. Now, months later, we are beginning to cross everything off of this list. We have been busy gathering supplies, sorting, packing, cleaning, and moving everything. This week I had errands to do everyday after work. These errand ranged from going to the travel nurse to get a typhoid vaccine to buying a years worth of dental floss!

For now we are just trying to enjoy not sleeping under a mosquito net, having fast internet, 24 hour electricity, and most importantly eating ice cream! I would like to thank everyone in our community as well as our family for all of the support you have shown us! It is more than I ever expected! It really means a lot to both of us!!


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