Monday, May 3, 2010

White Walls

Today I needed a break from homework and decided I would start to pack all of our board games which totaled three boxes worth. After that I was on a role and decided to take down all the picture frames in our bedroom and office. Then Nick came home and decided that if we were going to be taking picture frames home this weekend we might as well take ALL our picture frames home. I don't know that I was prepared for this, and began regretting my decision to take these down early. Anyone who has been to our house knows that all of our wall decorations are of our photography. As we were putting them all in boxes I became really emotional seeing all the pictures of Kiara since she was a baby, our engagement pictures, wedding pictures, and our scenic pictures. Our walls are nearly empty now and it's kind of depressing. I really want to ship them all to Haiti so that I can decorate our place there, but unfortunately it's way to expensive plus the glass would probably break! Oh well!


(P.S. 42 more days! Thought I would throw that out there for Heather and all our other Tech Suckers!!)

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