Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thank you

This weekend was very busy but very productive. Saturday morning we drove around Ridgefield and picked up a lot of blankets, dresses, and dolls that people have made for us to take with us to COTP. Thank you Blanche and Marion for all of these! We would also like to thank the group in Lynden who has made a lot of blankets for us to take down as well. All of these things will be put to great use!!

Today we spoke at the Ridgefield Nazarene Church about our upcoming move to Haiti. We would like to thank the Missionary Board for allowing us to speak as well as everyone who came and supported us! We really appreciate it!

After our presentation, we went to Southridge Community Church where a group was putting together baskets for our upcoming dinner/auction. Nick and I were blown away by all the items that have been donated thus far! There were massages, golf packages, margarita mixer, a cord of wood, nursery stock, a ton of gift certificates, and SOO many more items! We have over 100 items donated which is awesome!! Thanks to everyone who has donated and to the dedicated people who are helping put this auction together. You have no idea how much we both appreciate all of the support we are getting. We were not expecting any of this!

If anyone would like to donate an item to sell at the auction we would really appreciate it. You can contact us for detail on how to do so. Also there are a few seats still available for the event. If anyone is interested please let us know so that we can reserve you a spot! The auction is June 5th at the Ridgefield Community Center!



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