Friday, May 28, 2010


As of about an hour and a half ago I am finished.  Wednesday was the last time I had to go to class, and my last group presentation.  I turned in my last 2 papers on Thursday.  And last but not least, today was my last day of work which feels good!  Nick is down to 3 days of work left.  In addition, today is our last full Friday in Bellingham.  We have less than a week here before we move down to Ridgefield where we will be staying with our family for 11 days.

I can't believe that I already graduated from college (minus the ceremony which is in 2 weeks).  My three years at Western have flown by.  In these 3 years, we have made some awesome friends and had some amazing experiences.  I was asked today if I think I will ever come back to Bellingham, and honestly, I don't know if we will.  It's kind of sad to be leaving this all behind, Bellingham has definitely become home.  If it weren't for us being so excited about moving to Haiti, I think this transition would have been way harder.

We are at the point where we can't put anything off because we don't have the time.  We have to do it now or it won't get done.  This weekend is going to be another busy one full of packing, cleaning, and putting on the fund raiser at ski to sea.

17 days!

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