Sunday, May 30, 2010


The last two days have been very busy for Nick and I, but before I get into this, let me give a little back ground on how this all got started.  After we came back from Haiti last time, I gave a short presentation to my class about my experiences there.  My class decided that they were going to help sponsor us and our orphanage through a few fundraisers.  The first was the car wash.  Our second, and final fund raiser we decided should be at Ski to Sea since there are literally thousands of people that come to this event.  (for more detail you can look at the posting I did just before this).  After discussing it we decided to get a booth and have a bake sale.

This proved to be a little more challenging than we thought as all the non-profit booths filled up within the first two days.  Non-profit booths were $20 where as other booths were $500.  We were very fortunate though because they decided to extend the area of non-profits and we could set up there.  Nick and I had mixed feelings about the event.  We knew that the event had a lot of potential with so many people in attendance, but yet it was still a bake sale and we didn't know how many people would want to by baked goods when there were all sorts of restaurants, ice cream cones, elephant ears, kettle corn, and so many other treats.

Any ways, back to how busy we have been this weekend.  Saturday we woke up at 5:45 thanks to Theo, our cat who was ready to play.  We spent the first few hours packing, and then got busy on baking items for the fundraiser.  Between baking, doing dishes, individually wrapping each items, making signs, and running to the store for extra supplies, we went non-stop until 11 pm.  This morning we set our alarm for 6 and finished up last minute stuff for the days events.

We left our apartment at 7:45 to begin setting up for ski to sea.  We were manning the booth for 11 hours, standing basically the whole time.  We were supposed to be there for 2 more hours, but it was raining and almost everyone was gone so we took off a bit early.

A bunch of people from my class came and helped out for 2 hour shifts.  They kept asking how we were doing and we always said we didn't know.  We had a pretty big wad of cash, but it was mostly one's, so it appeared bigger than it really was.  Plus, when money is coming in a dollar at a time it's hard to keep track of.  As Nick and I were driving home, we decided we probably had somewhere between 300-400 dollars.  A decent amount, but after you subtract the nearly $100 we paid for water, pop, muffins, and other supplies, it made it seem like a lot of work for the money.

We got home, cleaned out the coolers, washed a few dishes that were still left over from yesterday, and counted the money.  The total amount, $707.63!!  Double what we thought we had earned!! We consider this an amazing success and never expected to earn this much!

To my core class, thank you so much for everything you have done for us and COTP.  We really appreciate everyones work setting up both of the events and all the time and energy that was put into working at both and baking supplies!  This money will be put to great use and help the children at COTP!  One bit of good news for you all is that we still have a lot of left over treats which I will be bringing to the end of the year party on Wednesday!

Thanks everyone at Ski to Sea who bought our baked goods and helped support us!  We are so grateful of all the help we have received from our friends, family, and community.

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