Monday, May 10, 2010

Are we there yet?

Recently Nick and I have been on the every other weekend schedule. Our time is divided between being in Bellingham (packing, scanning pictures, working, and doing homework) and Ridgefield, (organizing things in the barn, spending time with family, collecting donations from people, and getting paperwork notarized). Spending 8 hours in the car every other weekend is starting to get a bit obnoxious, especially on drives like this weekend where we had a lot of traffic and it took an extra 45 mins each direction.

Each time we see a plane, we point to it and say 35 more days, or what ever that days current number is. As the time gets closer, Nick and I are getting more and more excited. It's hard to explain how we are feeling right now. We aren't nervous, scared, or anxious, just really ready to be there. I've been counting down the days until we leave since we booked our tickets. This weekend I was asked how long until I graduate, and I was unaware of the answer. Nick and I had a good laugh about this later, because most people my age would be counting down the days until they graduate from college or turn 21, but I don't care about either of these as much as I do my upcoming move. The answer though is 19, 32, 35, and 41... 19 days until my last day of class (or at least the last one I'm going to, I'm skipping my very last one cause I don't want to drive for 8 hours for a 3 hour class), 32 days til I walk at graduation, 35 days til I board a flight for Haiti, and 41 days until I turn 21! Plus in that time we have 3 fundraisers that we are preparing for, one speaking engagement, and a whole lot more!

For Mothers day my Mom wanted Nick and I to go on a hike with her. This was a good idea in theory, but added a little hurdle we didn't think of at first. Nick and I have packed our hiking/tennis shoes already. Nick had to borrow a pair from his dad and I had to borrow a pair from my Mom.

Only 3 more times driving between Bellingham and Ridgefield in the next 35 days! Really ready to quit making this trip, but at least our apartment is getting more and more empty each time. Homework is somewhat starting to come to a close. I have finished my culminating project, which is a huge relief, but I still have a decent amount of work to do on my portfolio as well as a few papers and presentations, plus all my weekly readings and posts. Only 3 more weeks though and I'll be all done with it!!


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