Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Car is Sold

Originally, we had planned on keeping Nicks car so that we have something to drive when we come back to the States, however a few days ago we decided we should probably sell it. The last thing we want is to have mice living in it while we are gone. We hadn't even had the time to put it on Craigslist before we found a buyer. It just happened that my brothers girl friend was wanting to buy a new car and really liked ours! Luckily it was within her price range and it worked out great for all involved!

Nick and I have been blown away by how well everything has worked out. We haven't had to stress about anything because everything keeps falling into place. We found someone to sublease our apartment within a week of having on Craigslist, sold both of our cars, and had so many other hurdles easily cleared. There were several things that we imagined would be obstacles, but they have completely taken care of themselves. Which each passing day we feel more and more confident that we are following the path God has laid in front of us. This makes our departure so much easier! The only thing I am worried about now is how I will handle driving my cats to their new owners next week and saying goodbye. I'm sure there will be some sad post on that day about it!!

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