Monday, May 17, 2010

Missionary Health Insurance!

With my final days of government employment becoming much nearer, Nikki and I decided that tonight was the night to purchase our new health insurance. I was given this daunting task and have been working on it little by little for months. Since most of the companies I had to deal with were based out of the East Coast they were closed by the time I came home from work, so... I drove to work 30 mins early many mornings to make phone calls to ask specific questions, and confirm information which I had read on their websites. Thankfully we have both been blessed with good health so far and are still pretty young! Finally after countless hours of research we finally bought our health insurance today.

Perhaps the most agonizing fact of all of this is that we will hopefully never need it. So literally I wasted many evenings, many early mornings and the equivalent of the average yearly salary of a Haitian on something that we don't want to use. For minor things, including even a broken arm we will simply go to the local hospital in Milot. We can pay for services there for just a few dollars, literally - Just a few dollars! For instance kidney stone removal is $15, giving birth $5 and a prescription is around 35 cents. The hospital and the orphanage we are going to have a great working relationship. Since there buildings were unhurt by the earthquake they became a major hospital during this time. Coastguard, UN, and other Military helicopter flew in and out of a soccer field for weeks following the earthquake bringing in patients. It is also a very popular Hospital for US Doctors to volunteer and train Haitian Doctors. Anyways, back on track, the only time that we will use our insurance is in absolute emergencies where we have to receive care outside of Haiti.

I also began updating our address on all of our accounts. This is no big deal, but is just another sign of our few weeks left. Most things in life have happened pretty quick, although we only have 28 more quick days they seem to be going by quite slowly. We are both just emotionally 'done' with where we are at, and are just longing to begin our next adventure in Haiti.

Thanks for reading!

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