Monday, April 5, 2010

Little by Little!

This weekend we took our first load of stuff down to store in Nicks parent's barn. Our car was literally packed to the brim. We had things stuffed in every nook and cranny we could find. I had to keep our duffel bag of weekend clothes on my lap because there was no other room for it!

We had been waiting for this day for about a month when we packed up all the boxes that we were taking down. Honestly though we don't have to take thing home because my dad is bring up his trailer to move us in June, but we wanted to get some stuff out of our apartment.

We then spent about 5 hours on Saturday cleaning out and organizing our section of the barn. We have a lot of stuff in there already and needed to make room for more!!

Also on Saturday we had a meeting to go over details for the benefit auction and dinner that is going to help us raise funds for our time in Haiti. I want to thank everyone who has helped out so far! We are very impressed with how well everything is coming together and can't thank you enough for your support! It was nice to meet each of you and also find out what is going on!

Sunday was spent with my family. Since my parents got home from Mexico late Saturday night, we didn't have the traditional Easter. Instead we all went to Church, then to breakfast and bowling. It was different but fun! Unfortunately I woke up with a horrible sore throat and head ache, so I wasn't much fun. After bowling the boys shot clay pigeons for awhile, and then Nick and I made our 4 hour journey back to good ole Bellingham!

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