Friday, January 21, 2011

From 4 to 1

Last week I had 4 children, and now I am down to just one.  The twins moved downstairs and are staying with some short term volunteers until they are big enough to move out to the baby house.  And the little 3.5 year old who was living with us for the past two and a half months borded a plane this morning and is on her way home to her adoptive family!  Her passport was supposed to be finished in May, but there was one guy who didn't want to sign one piece of paper, so she has been waiting to rejoin her family for months!  We received news that it was done on Tuesday, varified that on Wednesady, and she and Nick left first thing this morning!

Nick will take her all the way to Florida to met up with her Dad.  He will then rent a car and drive to the other side of Florida where he will be talking with a group of Engieneers who are coming down in March to help us install our solar panels that we have been fundraising for!!  Nick has been emailing them for a while, but will be able to get way more hashed out during his time there than he ever could have over the internet!  He will be back either Sunday or Tuesday, depending on when he gets to met with the engeniers!!

Eventz and I will just be waiting here for him to return!  Eventz is batteling an ear infection, cold, and two new teeth all at the same time, so he has been kind of fussy the past few days.  He has been having high fevers for about 5 days, so I'm hoping that they go away soon.  What a great time for Nick to be gone huh!!

This will be the first time that Nick and I have ever just had Eventz, and it kind of makes it feel a liitle more real!  With having so many other kids staying with us, it often feels that we are constant "temporary parents."  However now that it's just Eventz, it makes me realize that he isn't going anywhere and that he is in fact mine!!  I'm excited to spend some time with just the three of us!!  That is until all the short term volunteers leave and we get a few sick babies upstairs with us agian, but hey, we will enjoy the time we have!!

Thanks everyone who has been praying for Mika to get her passport, and for everyone who helped us get our solar panels!!  Please pray that Nick doesn't have any trouble getting her through immigration today, on either the Haitian or US side!

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