Sunday, January 30, 2011

Eventz update

My Mom has basically been sending me hate mail for the past three weeks demanding some updated pictures of Eventz.  Apparently she wants to see how big her one and only Grandbaby is getting.  So here is a little update for everyone!

Eventz is huge.  I weighed him a few days ago and he was 17 lbs 1.8 oz.  He has almost double his weight since coming home from the hospital in October.  And he's getting really tall too, but unfortunately we have never measured him, so I don't know how much he has grown in that department!!

His top two teeth finally cut the surface, so now he has four, two on bottom and two on top.

Eventz crawls all over the place.  He still mainly army crawls (on his belly) but he can crawl on his knees like a big boy when he chooses too.  He will go a few steps/crawls on his knees and then goes back to his belly.  He is much faster on his knees when he chooses to go that way.  

He can now pull himself into the standing position.  We are working on getting him to roll the ball to us.

About a week ago Eventz learned how to wave and now does so on command, when he wants to that is.  Often he chooses not to.

I love that in this picture you can see a reflection of palm trees in his glasses.

His hair is getting so long and curly.  It used to be perfectly straight.  Haitians don't cut their kids' hair until after their first birthday.  We aren't sure if we will cut Eventz hair when he turns one or not.  We want it to grow into a fro, but we might trim it to make it look a bit better!!  Eventz will be one Feb 28, less than a month!  I am already thinking about how to decorate his cake!  We went to a birthday party two days ago and he didn't know how to eat the cake by himself, so we will need to do a lot of practicing within the next 3 weeks, which Nick is excited about!!

Eventz loves to do art projects, but normally ends up with more paint on himself and the table than he does his paper!

A few weeks ago we took Eventz to the beach for his first time!  We were both very excited because Eventz loves the water and we were interested to see how he would do!

We put him down in the sand and he crawled all the way to the water and let the waves come crashing into his face!!

And he only had little bit of sand on him afterwards.  When I took his diaper off, he had about a pound of sand inside!  It took days to get it all out of his hair!

He loves playing on the playground and has even began going down the slide, head first I must add!!

He crawls back and forth through the little tunnel and laughs the entire time he does it!!


And then he crawls right to the edge and makes me afraid that he is going to fall off!

 Eventz loves to stand up in that window behind him and lick all over it, because he knows just how sanitary it is!!!

Each day I fall more in love with this face...

 and that smile!  Isn't he just precious??


  1. Finally, you found the time to get some new pictures of Eventz. I have looked at the other ones over and over again. I can't believe how big he is now. Where are those top teeth you keep bragging about? I could see the bottom ones but not the top ones. what a happy little boy he is and oh so lucky to have you and Nick as parents. Thanks Nikki, for the updated picture. They are so cute. Now I will quit bugging you (for a little while anyways). Mom

  2. thanks for sharing...he is gorgeous!

  3. Nikki! The pic of you and Eventz almost made me tear up! It's just so amazing one of us has such a beautiful precious baby. I cannot wait to meet him next year and see you and Nick again, you continue to amaze and inspire me!!! lots of love.

  4. This really made my day! Eventz is SO adorable and you can see how happy and loved he is in all the photos you share with us! And by the way, your photography is really great! Hopefully I can tag along with Miss Shields here and see you both in the near future! xox

  5. This is really great. This really made me very happy. Keep up the great job.

  6. Adorable! It's really cool what you guys are doing for him, giving him a home and all. :D

    WHS student