Sunday, February 13, 2011

Proud to be Haitian

Eventz has a small Haitian flag that he loves to play with.  He will pick it up, and sit in one spot for several minutes, waving his flag back and forth, always with a big smile on his face!!  He loves it and thinks its a fun game!!  Of course, I took pictures of it...

Nick and I bought Eventz one birthday present, but we couldn't wait to give it to him, so we gave in and he got it a few nights ago.  He was so cute with it!

Mommy's Present!!

He spent more time on top of the box then he did next to it!

Everybody's got to eat their wrapping paper!

Even More fun when the paper is off!

And better yet when it's out of the box.  He wont play with any other toy.  It slides all over the place because of our tile floors, but he walks right along behind it!  It's so good for him to stand and learn to walk like that!


We get to do birthday all over again with presents from the grandparents!!  This was just practice!!


  1. Well thats great that he is making happiness outof such a small amount :)
    -WHS Student

  2. This right here that you guys are doing is extremely sweet and nice. I hope every choice you make is great(: