Monday, June 13, 2011

COTP Needs

It's been brought to my attention lately (actually I've known, but haven't done anything about it) that my COTP Needs list was, well, about a year out dated.  Here's the problem though, our needs change everyday so it's incredibly difficult to have an updated needs list.

For those of you who are interested in sending items to COTP or doing a fundraiser/drive for us; there is now a more updated list on that page.  Almost any baby related items will be helpful for us.  Here is a small list of the common items we need:

-Diapers size premie-3
-Baby Wipes
-Rice Cereal
-Children's Snacks (crackers, garnola bars, etc)
-All types of formula
-Baby Lotion/Shampoo
-Hand Sanitizer and liquid hand soap
-Clorox Wipes

I don't keep the needs list on my blog updated nearly enough.  However I do write a blog for COTP almost every other Tuesday, and I always include a small section with our current needs.  This way you can send items that we are low on!

Even if your not interested in sending items, I still recommend you check out COTP's Blog to keep updated on our children!

Thanks so much to all of you who have sent boxes of supplies down to our babies.  Each Thursday is like Christmas as I inventory all the new supplies and dig through the boxes!  We are incredibly blessed by these donations and be assured that it all gets used!

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