Saturday, June 25, 2011


Sorry that I've been MIA for a while.

I am officially back in Haiti after my two week visit in the States.  Since getting back I have been very busy cleaning my house, catching up on all the work I didn't do while I was gone, and spending time with my Family who I dearly missed!

First, a quick Eventz update!

Before I left I lectured both him and Nick stating that he was not to learn any new tricks or start walking anymore while I was gone.  They both listened and he stayed at the same level he was at when I left.  Two days after I got back however, Eventz started walking like crazy.  He still crawls occasionally, but prefers to walk.  He often will make laps around the couch or table, just because he can.  He always does so with a smile on his face!  He is super cute when he walks, and is pretty fast too.  I saw him almost running once!  And now the real work begins!

When I first got back he either didn't remember me or was mad at me for leaving him.  He refused to look me in the eye and turned his head every time I talked to him.  He would not give me a hug and didn't want anything to do with me.  After a few hours he loosened up and started playing with me.  My absence has definitely affected him a little, but not severely, which I am so thankful of.  I was really worried about what it would do to his bonding!  His daddy did a great job of taking care of him while I was gone and they seem even more bonded than before!

All of the kids grew a ton while I was gone.  Especially my Mom's little baby that she took care of when she visited.  She gained a ton of weight and I hardly even recognized her!  There were also a few new admits that I had to meet when I got here!  Luckily no one was discharged so I didn't miss saying any good byes although I did miss some birthdays!

And the humidity started while I was gone.  It's back to sweating for a few months.  Definitely didn't miss Haitian Summers.

My cousins Lisa and Kayla arrived in Haiti the same day that I returned, so Nick and I have been busy showing them what we do and they have enjoyed loving on our beautiful babies.  Eventz isn't so fond of them staying in our house and often just glares at them!  Maybe he's mad that they took his room.  He is slowly warming up to them though!

I was able to go visit a family's home who Nick and I have been advocating for recently and I was once again shocked at what I saw.  Every time I enter a Haitian home it brings about all sorts of emotions.  I'll write more on this later.

I enjoyed spending time with my family in the States, but am also very grateful to be back home with my amazing husband and adorable son!

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  1. Welcome home Nikki. It's good to hear that you're back. Your family must be thrilled to have you home.