Thursday, June 16, 2011

One Year Commitment

Nick and I originally committed to serve at Children of the Promise in Haiti for one year.  Before we left we both knew that we probably wouldn’t come home after only a year, but would likely stay for two to three years.  
A year ago today we arrived in Haiti.  Our futures were very unsure.  We didn’t really know what our roles would be at COTP or how we would fit in there.  Originally Nick thought he was going to be working on all of the maintenance there.  We had no idea what this year would bring.  We had no idea that we would become parents to the most amazing little kid in the world.  We had no idea that we would become the field directors of COTP.
This past year has been the hardest, most challenging year of both of our lives, and by far the hardest year on our marriage.  Even with these challenges, this year has brought more blessings to our lives than ever before.  We have loved every minute of our time in Haiti.
Almost two weeks ago I made an unexpected trip back to the States to visit my Grandpa who is sick.  Right before I left I went out to the baby house to say good bye to everyone.  As I walked into the baby house, one of our two year old little boys greeted me at the gate.  As he said my name a smile went across his face.  The second I saw him I became incredibly sad.  This little boy is nearing the end of his adoption process.  I bent down, gave him a hug, and with tears in my eyes asked Nick what I would do if he went home before I got back.  Nick assured me that he would still be there when I got back.  
I went around the baby house and gave all the kids a kiss and a hug and said goodbye to the nannies.  As I was in the Zandolit room, I saw another little boy who broke my heart again.  This little guy is going to the States fairly soon on a Med Visa for surgery.  Again I was worried about whether or not I would see my sweet precious little boy again.
And then it hit me.  My year was almost up.  Had we not decided to stay longer, I would have been having these emotions about each and everyone of our 45 kids AND all of the nannies.  Technically I should have been saying goodbye to them for good, never to see them again.  I can’t imagine what that would be like.  It’s been hard enough to be away from everyone for 2 weeks, I can’t imagine what it would be like if I never got to see anyone of them again.  Today I was with another baby, and I couldn’t help but speak Creole to him.  Haiti and babies just go together now and I can’t seperate the two.  Haiti is just such a big part of our lives.
A year later, Nick and I are in a completely different spot than we were when we first moved to Haiti.  We have more responsibility then we know what to do with.  Not only do we have our sons life in our hands, but the lives of all of our children, nannies, and community members.  We are constantly faced with life and death decisions.  These things are hard, but we wouldn’t trade them for the world
Our future is still unclear.  Where we will be or what our roles will look like in two, five, or ten years from now, we have no idea.  All we know is that for now, God wants us where we are.  For now were going to continue loving on our 45 babies and enjoying every minute of it.  
As we look ahead to this next year we are expecting it to only get harder and more complicated than the last, but through the tough times, we hope to see God’s path for our lives and his hand in helping the sick and malnourished infants in Northern Haiti.  Each day is a surprise.  We never know what to expect, but at the end of the day, we are happy that we were there.
Thanks to all of those who have supported our work and allowed us the blessing of living at COTP this past year.  We thoroughly enjoy our work and the people we are with and can’t wait to see what this next year will bring.

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  1. Thank you for being open to following God's plan, even to Haiti. We appreciate your faith in action!