Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Haitian Style!!

We had a great 4th of July.  It was unlike anything I have ever done before.  The celebrations started out with a parade.  All of us volunteers decorated floats and picked out cute red white and blue outfits for the kids.  It was the most patriotic I have ever been.  We all paraded through the baby house for all the nannies to see.  They all thought it was fun and laughed at us for a while.  The nannies began to sign happy birthday to the USA, which was really cute.  I think that us volunteers possibly had more fun than the kids, but thats alright.

The next part of the celebration included a barbecue.  We all sat under the mango tree and had hot dogs, brats, brownies, lemonade, and a few other special treats that we don't get here often.  All that was missing was watermelon, which I was craving all day.

We ended the day with a game of ultimate spoons in the dark on a slip in slide covered in baby oil.  It was a ton of fun and luckily no one got hurt too bad because it got a bit vicious towards the end.  As soon as someone would get a 4 of a kind, we would all sprint, dive on the slip and slide, crawl all the way to the other side, and fight for the spoons.  We even had someone spraying us with a hose, and she would occasionally hide the spoons elsewhere, or throw them after we had been looking for them for a while.  I think we all ended up having rug burns, cuts, and bruises on our knees and feet from slide on the tarp.

Unfortunately Nick has been pretty sick so he missed out on all the celebrations.  He is slowly starting to feel better

All of our pictures are up on the other blog and ready to be viewed!  I have to get the slip in slide pictures from someone else, but I'll add them when I can!!

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  1. I thought Nick was feeling better. Now what is wrong with him? Does he have Diarrhea again? We will pray that he feels better quickly and that you dont get it.