Thursday, July 29, 2010

Toddler Waddle

This morning I was getting stuff out of the Depot for the volunteer house and as I exited there were two children from the elephant room who raised their arms in an attempt to help me carry the supplies.  I handed them each a pack of diapers and let them help me carry them.  Then another one of the elephant boys ran over wanting to help, but unfortunately I didn't have anything to give to him, so he had to stay in the baby house.

The two that helped me, a little boy and little girl carried their diapers all the way through the the court yard and over to the house.  They are still pretty young, so they did the toddler waddle the entire time.  I love watching toddlers walk, it's so cute!!  When we went back to the baby house, the other little boy who had wanted to help was standing at the door, looking through the bars with a pitiful little look on his face.  Luckily there was more supplies I needed to get, so he and another little girl from the elephant room were able to help me with the second trip.

All of the kids had big smiles on their faces as they helped me!  As a reward they each got an animal cracker!  This group LOVES to help out.  The other day I had an empty box that I needed to move.  All the elephant kids, and a few of the zandolits, crowded around the box and pushed it outside for me.  When I close the door to the depot there is one little boy that always comes over and puts his foot on it to help keep it shut as I lock it!  He always looks at me and smiles because he knows he is helping!! All the children here are so cute and it's fun to watch them grow and their personalities develop!

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