Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Buzz Lightyear get out of MY pool!

So this story is older, but it is really cute so I decided I would share it any ways!  Better late than never!!

Every Saturday we have pool day with the children.  Some love it and others prefer to spend this time playing in the dirt or on the slide.  This one particular Saturday, it was almost time to end pool day and go back in for lunch and naps.  Most of the kids were cuddling in volunteers arms half asleep.  There was one 18 month old girl though, the same girl that slept in our room with us when we were here in January that was still in the pool.

The inflatable pool that she was in happened to be Buzz Lightyear themed, and had a giant picture of his face on the bottom.  All the sudden she realized that she didn't want him in there any more, so she would splash and splash at the water and yell at it.  She would get the water so rough that she couldn't see his face anymore and then she would stop and relax for a few minutes.  Then the water would calm down and sure enough, there was Buzz again, so she would hit the water and yell and yell at it until his face disappeared, only to come back a bit later.

Now I can't speak baby, but if I could, I'm pretty sure what she was saying was "Buzz Lightyear get out of MY pool."  It was really cute and we loved it!!


  1. That is a great story Nikki. It made me laugh. Do you have pictures to go with the story??

  2. That's so cute!!! How is the little girl now?

    Victoria Given