Thursday, July 8, 2010

When the Shoe fits!!

Today I was given a really fun task.  We have two kids who recently started walking and a third who is getting closer every day.  I was in charge of fitting these three with a new pair of shoes.  This may seem like a random task, but it was really fun!  The kids and nannies were all very excited.  I sat each child down and found a pair of shoes that I thought would fit them.  Apparently this is a harder task than I thought.  The child would then walk around the pavillion with a giant smile on their faces while all the nannies cheered and told them how good they looked.  After about a minute of showing off, the nannies would set them down in front of me and tell me, in Creole of course, that the shoes were too big.

I would then put on another pair and the process would start all over.  Then the nannies would tell me that this pair was too small and I would try it again.  Each child went through about 3 pairs before they found the perfect one.  Having a pair of shoes is a big deal in Haiti, so our Nannies were very excited for our children.  The kids had big smiles on their faces and kept showing their shoes to all the volunteers for the rest of the day.

All the other kids kept trying to grab at the shoes and wanted a pair for themselves even though they all already have a pair.  Unfortunately, a common theme for our children is walking around with only one shoe on.  I have no idea why this is, but almost every time I go into the baby house, there is at least one or more children who are missing a shoe!  Kids!!

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  1. You must know what an impact you made on the campers who were able to be a part of our Skype conversation last week. It was unanimous with campers and counselors that the Haiti project was one of the highlights of the camp. Thank you for your time on those evenings for sharing with us. A tree was planted in at the Lewis River Campgrounds to remember to our friends in Haiti for years to come. Love you guys! -Lisa