Thursday, August 19, 2010

Moto Request

First I want to say Thank you to everyone who reads this.  Nikki especially puts a lot of time into trying to keep everyone informed of what we are doing here.  Most of our readers are our faithful supporters, friends and family that have already helped us out so much.  Because of that I feel really awkward for what I am about to ask.  While being in Haiti I have had the privilege of meeting so many awesome people.   One person in particular, Reekins, has been amazingly helpful to our (especially mine) successful transition moving down here.  He speaks English and is constantly teaching me phrases in Creole.  Reekins has worked at COTP for 3 years and is a great employee.  He works hard 6 days a week and always goes above and beyond what he is asked for.  Reekins is ready to get Married but before he does he wants to build a small house for himself and his wife.  He will build it on his mothers property so it should only cost a couple thousand dollars.  Reekins is a steady employee here but saving that much money is next to impossible.  He thinks that the best way to save that much money would be to own a motorcycle taxi.  Conservative estimations predict that after expenses on bad days he will earn 5 US dollars and on good days 10 or more.  With the money that he can save with his job at COTP, and the money he could make with his taxi he should be able to start building within 1 year!  He will hire a person to drive it 6 days a week while he works here and then he will drive it on his day off.  Motorcycles here cost $900 US brand new. (It is next to impossible to find a decent used one)  Reekins has been saving his money for a while and has a large amount to put towards this purchase. Nikki and I are going to give him a little, and we have already received a generous donation to put towards his bike.  However, we are still short $250 dollars to help him potentially get a house and get married.  If anyone would like to help out Reekins big or small feel free to e-mail me  Thanks so much for reading this.


  1. you know the part in this post where you say Reekins is great. well... i second that! it's so awesome that you are able to help him like this nick/nikki.

  2. hey i think its way neat how u guys r out doing cool things for the kids thir its way awsome and i will be praying for u guys and for evrything to go well
    washougal high school student