Sunday, August 29, 2010

Out after Dark

Here we try not to go out after dark, not necessarily because it's dangerous, it's just a better idea to stay home when it's dark.  Last night however, Nick and I had to take a child to the hospital and it was already getting dark as we left.  We were about half way there, on the worst road in Haiti that we have driven on.  It's called the sugar cane short cut, and the holes in the road are several feet deep, and span the entire width of it.  The road is horrible and almost impassable, almost.  Last night we had just barely gotten past the worst spot when Nick realized we had a flat tire.

It was pitch black by this point, and of course there are no street lights or porch lights here.  In fact there weren't any house where we were at all.  Nick got out to fix the tire and realized that the first Jack we had was broke.  Luckily we had a second.  As I sat in the truck, two men walked by, and one stuck their head in the window and said hi.  This guy gave me the creeps at first, until I realized I recognized that raspy voice, it was Papito, one of our employees and he was with one of our nannies sons.  They were able to help Nick change the tire so that we could keep going.  Unfortunately we didn't have a flash light on us, but Papito never goes anywhere with out a fully charged cell phone so he was able to shine that on the tire for Nick.

They then went with us to the hospital and were able to watch the truck while we admitted the baby and checked on our other children.

We were so thankful that out of all people who could have walked by, the first person to do so was someone we know!

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