Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shrek, better than Veggietales

About two weeks ago it was rainy and nasty so all the kids were just hanging out in the baby house.  I went over and asked Madam Jeremie if she wanted me to start the movie early and if she wanted to watch Shrek 2.  She said yes and then yelled it out so that all the nannies knew that shrek was going to be coming on.  All the older kids ran and sat down on the mat, excited to watch a movie earlier than normal.

I came back a while later to do depot, and every single child and nanny were all inside the Zandolit room watching Shrek.  Every single one.  Even the Jiraf and Bato rooms were in there.  There were probably about 25+ children in there and 10 full grown Haitian women, all extremely excited to be watching the movie!  Normal only the Elefants and Zandolits watch movies before bed.  It's witnessing little things like this that make me love being here!!

Then, three nights ago I went to start the movie and decided to put in Veggietales since the kids haven't watched that since I have been here.  I thought they would love it, but boy was I very wrong.  When the opening screen came on, three of the elefants began crying and started to run out the door.  Their nannies called them back and they huddled at their feet, all having terrified looks on their faces.  I then pushed play, but apparently the sight of a dancing cucumber was too much for them to handle, because those three along with 2 others began screaming again.  They were really scared, with real tears and everything.  The nannies instructed me to turn it off, so I did.  Note to self, movies with giant green monsters, Ok to show.  Movies with dancing and signing vegitables, a bad idea!  Boy are things different here in Haiti!!  I love these kids!!

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