Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wettest School Day Ever!

Last week we had a water sensory table at preschool and the kids loved it!  Luckily the floor in the school is cement and it doesn’t matter if it gets a little (or a lot) wet!  The kids enjoyed taking the bottles and dumping them back in the bucket, all over themselves, on the floor, and especially, in their mouths.  I told the children numerous times not to drink the water, but we will just say that they were all very well hydrated when we were finished!  Surprisingly nobody dumped water on anyone else which I was kind of afraid of!  Often at school, the kids loose interest in what we are doing and begin to wander around or cause mischeif.  Last week they all stayed focused the entire time.  In fact I had to pull many of them away, which caused a different type of waterworks for some of them!!  I think their nannies were a little confused the first few days when I brought the children back soaked, but then on the last day one of the nannies came over and watched!  She laughed and thought it was amazing that the kids were having so much fun!!

We might have made a bit of a mess on the floor!!

On an unrelated note, I have a one year old sitting on the table next to me as I write this.  I have some christian music playing and she is dancing to it!  It’s super cute to watch her as she rocks her upper half back and forth with her two middle fingers in her mouth and an NG coming out of her nose!!  These kids never seize to amaze me!!

Also, our puppies are 2 week old today!  I try to go see them every 3-4 days when I have time!  I often forget about them.  Any one who knows me knows that this is not like me at all.  Normally I would be by the puppies side constantly giving them attention.  Just don't have time here.  I saw them 2 days ago but they were sleeping.  Nick said their eyes are open now.  Their not walking yet, not sure how long that takes!  I'll try to get pictures of them soon!!


  1. Sensory work... so good for kids!

    Messy for the rest of us. :)

  2. Love the water play! Hoping no extra worming resulting...but then again TIH!
    Puppies pull around with mainly their front legs in the second week; toddling all fours-very unsteady the third week; "putt-purr-and-playing" with one another the forth week and beyond! So much fun!!!
    Great momentary diversion.