Saturday, September 18, 2010

A gift of velcro

Its 4:30 am, been awake since the baby in my room cried at 2 and can't sleep, so thought I would update you all on some of our past roommates that I have mentioned!

E. is doing great developmentally.  He has his first two teeth in and is adorable.  I thought he was cute before with his little gummy smile, but he's even cuter now with his pearly whites.  He babbles all the time, and when he does it he tucks his lower lip in and is adorable.  He has the cutest little voice that I am in love with!  He rolled over the other day for his second first time, although I'm not positive that it counts.  Nick and Amy said it does but they might just be being nice!  He rolled over in his crib about a week after he came and I was there to watch.  Pulled the camera out afterwards hoping he would do it again, but no such luck.  That was his first time.  His second first time was a few days ago.  He was laying across my lap and all of the sudden rolled completely over.  I'm not sure if my legs were slightly angled which my have helped, but it was still cute.  When he lays down, he can roll 98% of the way over, but never goes the last little bit.  Instead he rolls back onto his back.  I swear he does it just to drive me nuts because he knows how much I want to see it!  He is doing good about playing with toys which I love to see.  He is such a happy little boy and makes me happy when I play with him!  His eyes light up and he get a little smile every time I kiss him!  Sometimes when I kiss his neck, he will even screech with his happy little voice!

W. is doing good as well.  He moved out to the baby house 2 days ago.  Nick taught him how to pound it, and guess what, he smiles every time!  That was Nick goal and he succeeded!  He still LOVES Nick a lot! When ever we go out to the baby house he wants to hang out with us, so we often will let him come in and sit in the depot like good ole times!  He is super cute and such a patient little boy!  Nick misses him a lot.  It's weird, even though we still get to see these kids daily once they move out to the baby house, it's still different than having them stay with you in your room.  Nick came back from town today and said "Have you ever noticed that every cute Haitian child looks a lot like W.?"  Apparently he was missing his boy and was thinking about him a lot!

So this morning (or I guess technically yesterday morning now) I was sitting in the baby house working on some depot stuff and W. was sitting next to me on the bench.  He was holding a velcro piece off of our cloth diapers.  I left him sitting there and went into the depot to finish what I was working on.  He was instantly surrounded by the 6 oldest kids in the baby house who wanted to play with him.  He took his velcro piece and threw it as far as he could (only a few inches, some times a foot or two) and the other kids would all chase after it, grab it, and give it back to him.  He would then throw it as far as he could and the others would chase after it and return it.  All children, including W. were laughing.  He laughed, I couldn't believe it.  All his teeth were showing, full on belly laugh!  It was SO good to see!  I had to stop what I was doing and watch him for several minutes because I was so taken back by the moment!  Technically I should have taken that velcro back from him when I finished depot so that I could use it for the diapers, but I couldn't bring myself to take it away from him.  We have enough extra velcro pieces in the depot that loosing that one doesn't really matter!  It's great to see kids finally adjusting and improving here!  They all bring so much joy to Nick and I's life.  We are completely in love with each of our 36 children!

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  1. This is pretty cool that one little piece of Velcro brought so many kids laughter and smiles. It's amzing what we take for granted.
    Sydney Niemi