Sunday, September 12, 2010

24 hour shadow

Nick and I have another new roommate and he is in love with Nick.  He has been since the moment we took him in.  He won't have anything to do with the rest of us, but is constantly by Nicks side.  He is either in Nicks lap, holding on to his hand, or hanging on to his shorts.  If Nick is doing the dishes, he is  standing right there next to him holding Nicks shorts.  If Nick walks away, he grabs Nicks hand and walks with him.  Nick is in Milot right now and our little man was pretty upset when he left.

Nick pretends that he doesn't like this, but he totally does!  Nick introduced him to Samson and Rikens as Ti Nick, Little Nick/Nick Junior.  He has completely taken over caring for this child.  He is the only one who changes his diaper, gives him showers (he's to big for our sink so he has to be bathed like a big boy), and getting up with him in the middle of the night.  It's a weird feeling to have a child in our room who cries at night and be able to roll over and fall back to sleep.  Normally that is what Nick does, but with this child, Nick is the one telling him it's ok and rubbing his back trying to get him to fall back to sleep.  Nick is the one who reads him his bedtime story and feeds him his meals.  They took a nap together yesterday, but I think it was more for Nick than it was the child!

He is super cute.  When it's time for us to do night depot, he comes with us and sits on one of the boxes and waits until we are finished.  He is a very patient little boy and just likes to hang out!  He hasn't smiled here yet, but Nick is determined to get him too!  He likes to watch Cars.  We turned it on for some of the other kids and he seemed to enjoy it too!  He is older than a lot of kids that we take in, so this transition is hard on him.  Pray that he does well here and can return home soon!  His Mom loves him a lot, and when she gave him over to Nick, she asked Nick to push him on the swings so that he would like it here better!

We have some pictures of him up on the picture blog!

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