Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I must be in heaven...

Today I was in the office working on some formula program stuff when Nick said I needed to quit was I was doing and go into the shop IMMEDIATELY.  He had a weird look on his face and a camera in his hand, so I thought there was going to be a tarantula there or someone was going to pull some sort of prank on me.  I slowly walked across the court yard and over to the shop, but before I entered I asked Reekins if there was another tarantula in there, which he responded to with a yes.  I didn't fully believe him, but I still walked in carefully and was quite shocked at what I saw!

Roxy, our dog, was curled up in the corner with a bunch of puppies around her!!!  She had her puppies this morning!!  I've never had an animal give birth before, my Mom always had all of our pets fixed!  I became overly excited and couldn't help but pick them all up and immediately ask Nick if we could keep all 5 of them!  Reekins, Papito, and Samson were all watching me with the puppies and thought it was weird how excited I got.  Reekins made a few comments about it later to Nick, however I think he likes them too!  He brought Roxy's food and water dish into her so she didn't have to leave them, and the boys brought a few blankets in so that they have a bed.  I could see Reekins being a big dog lover!

After a few minutes of enjoying the 5 puppies, Roxy tried to move a box with her nose, and all of a sudden we heard a little puppy squeal.  There was another one behind the box.  So we have 6 puppies plus our 3 normal dogs!  It was kind of like 101 Dalmatians where you get really excited about your puppies and then find out you have more!!  There are 3 boys and 3 girls and I can't wait for them to be old enough to run around the yard!  I think it'll be good for the kids to be able to play with the puppies from the time they are small and hopefully minimize their fear of dogs.  This will help those being adopted from being scared of the family pet when they go home!

Roxy was so excited to have her puppies, she was wagging her tail and had that doggy smile on her face the entire time!  We are probably going to keep one, I don't know what we will do with the rest!  I named one charger today because he was moving all over the place, but 5 of the 6 look identical so I don't know which one it was that I named!  Oh well!!

(doesn't she look like a proud mother!!)

How could life get any better than being surrounded by babies AND puppies!!  All I need now are kittens and I'd be in heaven!!

This afternoon 4 nannies and I took the Zandolits and Elefants for a walk.  It was a long process to get everyone ready.  Most of the kids shoes seemed to have disappeared, so I had to fit about 7 kids with new shoes from the depot.  After everyone was dressed and had eaten snack we were on our way.  We had 5 non walkers in the strollers and 6 walkers who actually walked!  I pulled a wagon with one hand and had a line of boys in my other hand.  All the kids held hands and walked in a line!  It was really cute!

The walk was really successful until we came upon a pack/flock/group of turkeys.  The kids were all quite scared and began to cry.  Apparently our kids are kind of sheltered and need to be exposed to more things such as dancing veggies, turkeys, and dancing penguins (happy feet).  They all mustered up the courage to walk by and luckily the turkeys were gone by time we came back.  We also saw some cows and horses and were able to work on our animal sounds which we have been practicing in preschool!

One nanny pulled a bunch of weeds from the ditch saying that they would help with her cough!  We had to stand outside of our gate for quite a while because the nannies wanted to watch the kids from the community play soccer!  It was fun to hang out with the nannies and try to communicate with them.  There are certain nannies that I have an easier time communicating with than others!  I'm going to try to make it more of a priority to go on walks a few times a week.  It's nice to be out in the community and to spend time with our nannies.  Plus the kids like to get out and its good for them!

Any suggestions on what we should name our puppies??

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