Saturday, September 11, 2010

A day in the life of Nick and Nikki

By this point in time I was hoping to be able to do a post about what we do on a daily basis.  I thought I could make a schedule of what we do every day, but I have learned that that is nearly impossible.  Each day is a new day and we wake up not knowing what to expect.  Some days we will set goals for what we want to get done that day but wont end up even starting on it because other more important things come up.

I do want to give you a little glimpse into our life though, so here is a rough schedule of what I do.  Nicks schedule is extremely sporadic, so there is no way to document his, but mine has a little more order to it, so here it goes...

6- Nick lets the security guard out.  (Occasionally wakes up at 5-5:30 to do airport runs)
7-Nick gives food to cook for kid's breakfast.  I wake up (if I haven't been woke up already by the baby) and feed, change, and bath the child in my room and get myself ready for the day.
8 to 9- Roll call and morning depot.
9 to 9:30- feed the child in my room again (depending on their schedule this may or may not happen, or I may help with another house baby)
9:45 to 10- Breakfast
10 to 11:15- MWF preschool.  Tuesday Formula program.
11:30 to 12:30- Creole lessons
12:30 to 1:30- what ever needs to be done, feeding children, working on formula program stuff, payroll stuff, emailing past volunteers with updates or current needs, emailing COTP staff stateside, checking in mail, or working on children's monthly updates for sponsors/adoptive parents.  Theres a 1001 other things that I could do during this time.
1:30- 1:45ish- eat lunch.  Every other day pay our cook for food during this time as well.
2:00- let laundry ladies put clothes and bins back in depot
2:30- open depot for boxes of volunteer/nanny food to be returned
3- get food from depot for kids dinner
3-7: what ever needs to be done (see list above)
7-8: Evening depot.  Every third day mop entire baby house with bleach to prevent germs from spreading!
8 to 9- Shower, eat dinner if we have energy. Except Wednesdays when we have bible study, then this is pushed back an hour
9-9:30: feed, bathe, and change the child in our room one last time before bed.  Read story and put in their crib or bassinet.
9:30 pm to 7 am- wake up anywhere from 0-5 times to feed the child in our room depending on their needs.

This schedule doesn't even do it justice.  Basically Nick and I work 15 hours a day and while we are awake we go none stop.  We rarely have time to sit down, but it's so worth it!

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